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Season 1
Episodes: 1-4
The One Where It All Began (Pilot)
Rachel dumps Mr. Potato Head at the altar!
The One With The Sonogram At The End
Ross finds out his estranged lesbian wife and her girlfriend are going to have his baby!
The One With The Thumb
Phoebe discovers a human thumb floating in her can of soda and gets compensation of $7,000.
The One With George Stephanopoulos
The girls spy on the sexy politician across the street

S1 Episodes: 5-8
The One With Easts German Laundry Detergent
Ross and Rachel wash their dirty laundry in public!
The One With The Butt
Joey finally gets a film role as a stand-in for Al Pacino’s butt!
The One With The Blackout
During the power cut, Rachel falls for the owner of the lost kitten, a dark attractive Italian guy. Meanwhile Chandler is trapped in a cashpoint vestibule with a gorgeous model.
The One Where Nana Dies Twice
Ross and Monica (Couteney Cox) go to the bedside of her dear grandmother who momentarily comes back to life - Chandler question his sexual identity when a colleague wants to arrange a date for him - with another guy!

S1 Episodes: 9-12
The One Where The Underdog Gets Away
Monica plans a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving feast in her apartment for the friends but he plans go awry and the feast becomes a fiasco!
The One With The Monkey
Ross arrives at the New Year’s Eve party with her new companion, a pet monkey named Marcel, who is more compatible with the group than he is.
The One With Mrs Bing
Chandler’s flamboyant romance-novelist mother comes to New York for a visit. Monica and Phoebe cause a traffic accident.
The One With The Dozen Lasagnas
Paolo, Rachel’s Italian boyfriend hits on Phoebe in the massage parlor. Phoebe tells Rachel.

S1 Episodes: 13-16
The One With The Boobies
Chandler sees Rachel in the nude and Joey learns that his father is having an affair.
The One With The Candy Hearts
The girls rebel against Valentines Day by burning momentos from past relationships.
The One With The Stoned Guy
Ross asks Joey for advice on how to talk 'dirty' to women - Monica (Courtney Cox) interviews for a chef's position and the owner of the restaurant is completely high on drugs.
The One With The Two Parts
Pheobe's twin sister causes confusion and conflict when Joey is attracted to her rather than Phoebe

S1 Episodes: 17-21
The One With The Two Parts - part 2
Monica and Rachel squabble over two handsome doctors, ER stars George Clooney and Noah Wyle.
The One With The Poker
The girls lose money in a poker game with the boys. After getting advice from a champion card player, they demand a rematch.
The One Where The Monkey Gets Away
Rachel accidentally let’s Ross pet monkey escape and the Friends form a search party. Then she finds out that her best friend is engaged to marry her ex-fiance.
The One With The Evil Orthodontist
Rachel has a brief encounter with her ex-fiance even though he is now going out with her friend, Mindy. Riddled with guilt, she decides to confess her evil sins only to discover that Mindy has betrayed her when she was engaged to Barry too!

S1 Episodes: 21-24
The One With The Fake Monica
Monica meets a woman who helps her live out her fantasies. Ross monkey becomes sexually mature and drives everyone crazy.
The One With The Ice Factor
Monica discovers that she is cradle snatcher - Ross’ ex-wife begins giving birth.
The One With The Birth
The baby is born, bringing smiles and adoration from everyone.
The One Where Rachel Finds Out
Rachel finds out about Ross secret love for her - but another surprise awaits her.

Friends Season 2
Episodes: 1-4

Rachel (Jennifer Ariston) gets an unpleasant surprise when she sees Ross returning home with his new girlfriend, Julie (Lauren Tom - "The Joy Luck Club"). Phoebe has varied success cutting the Friends’ hair.
As Ross and the Friends baby - sit his newborn son, Ben, Phoebe unwittingly disgusts everybody. Joey is troubled when a fellow cologne salesman outforms him on the job.
Me. Heckless, the downstairs neighbour dies and bequeaths his strange possessions to Monica and Rachel. Chandler worries he will become like Heckless someday as the old man had many of Chandler’s personality traits.
Everyone is surprise when Phoebe’s husband shows up. Rachel does everything she can to prevent Ross and his girlfriend, Julie, from becoming intimate.

S2 Episodes: 5-8

The Friends want to give Ross a birthday party but disagree about money. Monica gets promoted and learns a tough lesson.
Joey and Chandler try to attract women with baby Ben. Phoebe gets terminated from her singing job and is replaced by a professional, Stephanie (rock star Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders).
Dramatic developments occur in Ross and Rachel’s relationship. Chandler regrets asking Monica to help him lose weight.
Rachel makes a painful discovery concerning Ross. Monica’s new boss gives her an impossible task of creating tasty Thanksgiving treats by using a vile-tasting chocolate substitute.

S2 Episodes: 9-12

Phoebe learns the surprising truth about her father. Ross makes Monica's Christmas party guests miserable. Rachael gets her revenge back on Ross
After a little gentle persuasion. Joey accepts a great acting job. Rachel dates a guy who looks amazingly similiar to Ross.
Carol and Susan prepare for their wedding. With some help from an uncomfortable Ross.
Ross goes to visit Marcel the monkey in the San Diego Zoo and discovers that he is no longer living in capacity but is pursuing a career in television and film. Chandler gets a big surprise from a sexy former class-mate.

S2 Episodes 13-16
- PART 2
Ross and the Friends go to the New York movie set where Marcel the monkey is appearing and Rachel helps Monica ) meet the film’s sexy star!(Special guest apperances from Julia Roberts, Jean Claude Van Damme, Brooke Shields and Chris Isaak).
Monica’s old home video reveals Ross’ true feelings for Rachel. Joey gives Chandler a gift.
Rose and Rachel encounter a few small obstacles at the start of their romance. Monica becomes enamoured with a handsome older doctor (Tom Selleck)
When Chandler catches Joey licking a spoon and putting it back in the draw, it starts off a fight that could mean the end of their living arrangements. Monica’s parents find out about her middle aged boyfriend.

S2 Episodes: 17-20

Joey and Chandler are pining for each other but both are too afraid to admit this through fear of rejection! Joey is especially hurt when Chandler gets a new room mate, Eddie (guest star Adam Goldberg)
THE ONE WHERE DR RAMORAY DIES Joey’s soap character Dr Ramoray look set to be killed off after Joey makes some contentious remarks to a fan magazine. Monica and her boyfriend Richard have their first argument.
Chandler battles to get rid of his annoying new room mate. He wants Joey, who is suffering the blow of huge bills clocked up during his period of employment, to move back in with him. The girls discover a book on personal empowerment.
Phoebe who was obviously over protected as a child, becomes depressed when it suddenly drawns on her that some movies do not have happy endings. Monica’s boyfriend Richard bonds with Chandler and Joey at a basketball game.

S2 Episodes: 21-24

Chandler & Ross are scared when two bullies barge in to Central Perk and take over their sofa. Phoebe meets her long lost family.
Rachel gets a real surprise when her divorced parents show up at her birthday party.
When Phoebe catches chicken pox, her chances for romance with a former lover (special guest star Charlie Sheen) are almost ruined. Monica feels she may be a little too neurotic for Richard who is a straight forward kind of guy.
Rachel is bridesmaid at her ex-fiance’s wedding.Monica and Richard’s relationship is jeopardized when the subject of children is discussed.

Season 3
Episode: 1-4

Ross’secret fantasy doesn’t stay secret for long after he confides in Rachel. Much to Joey’s dismay, Chandler begins to rekindle his relationship with ex-girlfriend Janice after becoming strangely attracted to her again whilst corresponding over the internet.(Guest star-Elliot Gould).
Ross becomes very frustrated with his friends when they fail to be ready on time for a speech that he is giving at the museum. When he publicly moans at Rachel, she gets her revenge by refusing to go.
Mourning the end of her recent relationship, Monica becomes obsessed with making jam. Joey loves the jam so much that he can’t stop eating it. Still feeling unfulfilled, Monica decides she wants to bear a child and visits a sperm bank.
Ross and Rachel encourage Chandier to commit to a relationship with Janice. Ross becomes concerned when his son plays with a girl’s doll and tries unsuccessfully to distract him with more masculine toys. Phoebe takes the job as Joey’s agent.

S3 Episodes: 5-8
Phoebe invites her half brother, Frank Jr., to visit her in the city. Ross makes a list of famous women he would like to date when suddenly Isabella Rossellini comes into Central Perk. Joey builds an entertainment center in his & Chandler's apartment. (Guest star – Isabella Rossellini).
After Janice inquires whether they have ever dated one another, the Friends reminisce about a period of time three years ago and some deep and dark secrets are revealed.
When returning the racing car bed back to Mattress King, Monica and Joey catch Lanice kissing her ex-husband passionately in the back room. Joey tried to trick one of the students on his acting course, but fails.
When Phoebe is convinced that she has killed the ugly naked guy who lives across from Rachel and Monica’s apartment, Joey construct a long device that the Friends maneuver through his window to poke him. Chandler confronts Janice about her infidelity.

S3 Episodes: 9-12

It’s Thanksgiving and the Friends decide to play a good-natured game of football. The game reveals some major rivalries and the demand for a rematch has a serious implication on the roast turkey!
After quitting her job at the Central Perk, Rachel is convinced that she will be long term unemployed. Joey's new job selling trees makes him distressed about the leftover trees. The Friends decide to buy all the unwanted trees for her.
Rachel bumps into a handsome stranger who offers her a buying job in women’s fashion, but Ross is convinced that he is only interested in dating Rachel. Chandler forgets which of Joey’s similar looking sisters he kissed after getting drunk on Joey’s birthday.
Ross becomes obsessively jealous of Rachel’s sexy new co-worker Mark and is convinced that he is flirting with Rachel. Monica becomes enamoured with a sexy busboy.

S3 Episodes: 13-16

Monica and her-ex-boyfriend Richard (Tom Selleck) accidentally bump into each other in a video store. After going out for lunch they decide to become friends but still finding each other devastatingly attractive.
Phoebe’s ex-singing partner Leslie, a failed TV commercial jingle writer, wants to use ‘Smelly Cat” in an advertisement for cat litter. Meanwhile, Ross becomes jealous when Rachel goes out with a former co-worker. Chandler dates a beautiful woman with a false leg. Guest star (Sherilyn Fenn).
After an argument with Ross, Rachel decides they should break up for a while. Seeking comfort, Ross falls straight into the arms of Chloe, an attractive woman who works at the copy centre. Phoebe becomes involved with a foreign diplomat.
Oblivious to Ross’s fling with Chloe, Rachel decides to visit him to declare her undying love. Chloe, who is still in the apartment when Rachel arrives, manages to hide although eventually Rachel discover the grim truth about Ross’s infidelity.

S3 Episode: 17-20

Rachel asks the Friends if they want to go on a ski-trip without inviting Ross. Chandler becomes particularly traumatized by the demise of Ross and Rachel’s relationship, which reminds him of his parent’s divorce.
Phoebe’s is distraught when her brother wants to marry a woman twice his age. Rachel gives Chandler a hypnosis tape to help him quit smoking, however since the tape is designed for woman, Chandler begins to act rather strangely!
Despite the fact that their relationship is over, Ross becomes deeply upset when Rachel returns his personal belongings and goes on another date with Mark. Meanwhile, Monica dates a millionaire whom she finds funny and nice but not physically attractive.
Joey becomes attracted to the girl he is rehearsing with, but unfortunately the feeling is not reciprocated. Even so, after rehearsing a romantic scene, Joey and Kate end up having sex in Joey’s bedroom. Rachel’s boss dates Chandler and Monica inherits an exquisite dollhouse from her aunt.

S3 Episode: 21-25

Monica is ecstatic when her millionaire friend Pete buys a restaurant and asks her to be head chef, although she worries about his motives. Ross becomes very excited after being to appear in a television interview and Joey buys Chandler a baby chicken that is on sale during the week after Easter.
The Friends attend the opening night of Joey’s play, which receives terrible reviews. Ross tries to convince Rachel that her date is psychotic after he shouts at everyone and berates Chandler’s innocent pet chick after it excretes on his hand.
Ross discovers a strange growth on his buttocks. After attempting various alternative methods of removal, he finally manages to get rid of it in a very unusual way. Phoebe dates two guys.
Monica begs her boyfriend to stop fighting after he is mercilessly beaten. Meanwhile Chandler feels uncomfortable when his boss becomes overly friendly to him. Rachel is upset when Phoebe introduces Ross to a pretty woman who used to be bald but now has long flowing locks.
Phoebe invites everyone to her client’s beach house for the week. Whilst the Friends play strip poker. Bonnie, Ross’s current girlfriend arrives on the scenes. Ross becomes very angry when Rachel maliciously convinces Bonnie to shave her head again, but he later realizes that he still loves her. Now he is left to chose- Bonnie or Rachel.

Season 4
Episodes: 1-4
The One With The Jellyfish

Ross falls asleep whilst reading an 18-page letter from Rachel and when confronted by her, has to pretend to agree with what she wrote. Phoebe and her mother, Phoebe senior reconciles their differences.
The One With The Cat
Phoebe is convinced that her adoptive mother's spirit inhabits a stray cat. Meanwhile, Chandler and Joey, trade in Joey's home-made entertainment for a canoe and Monica upsets Rachel by dating a guy who stood her up at high school.
The One With The Cuffs
Desperate for some extra cash, Monica agrees to cook the food for a party hosted by her mother. Unfortunately, one of her false nails goes missing during the preparation. Chandler gets himself into a compromising position with Rachel's boss, when she handcuffs him naked to a chair in the office before rushing off to a meeting.
The One With The Ballroom Dancing
The girls receive an eviction notice, after Joey jumps to Rachel's defence when the gruff building superintendent insults her. Desperate to make amends, Joey appeases him by agreeing to give him ballroom dancing lessons, so that he can impress the female manager of another building.

S4 Episode: 5-8
The One With Joey's New Girlfriend

Ross and Rachel continue their power games, trying to make each other jealous. Meanwhile, Chandler falls for Joey's girlfriend Kathy and can only control his feelings by avoiding her.
The One With The Dirty Girl
Ross's beautiful new girlfriend has a disgusting secret, which jeopardises their friendship. Chandler gets closer to Kathy and buys her a thoughtful, expensive birthday present. Meanwhile, Rachel proudly completes a crossword puzzle without help.
The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line
Thinking that Joey has lost interest in Kathy, Chandler kisses her when she comes over to their apartment. Ross performs on his keyboard in public and his musical brilliance makes Phoebe feel intimidated, although the others remain unconvinced by his genius.
The One With Chandler In A Box
Still angry that Chandler had kissed Kathy whilst they are still dating, Joey decides to punish him by shutting him in a box during the thanksgiving meal so he can think about what he has done. Monica gets a surprise when she visits the eye doctor.

S4 Episode: 9-12
The One Where They’re Going To A Party

When the guys try to be spontaneous and wild they reluctantly realize that they would rather behave like responsible adults. Working as a temporary restaurant critic, Monica is offered a job when the restaurant she slates, ask her to take the position of head chef to improve the quality.
The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie
Ross debates whether to date a beautiful woman who lives far away, or a not-so-great woman who lives much closer by. Meanwhile, Chandler tries to set up a date for Rachel with some men from his office. Monica’s cunning plan to establish some authority in her new job falls flat when Joey refuses to co-operate.
The One With Phoebe’s Uterus
Phoebe’s half brother Frank Jr. makes an astounding announcement and a thought-provoking request of Phoebe, who agrees to his plan. Meanwhile, when Joey gets a job as a guide at the museum where Ross works, he’s upset at the class distinction between the guides and scientists. Chandler asks Monica and Rachel for personal advice on how to please Kathy sexually.
The One With The Embryos
Phoebe finds out whether or not she is pregnant. Meanwhile, a seemingly harmless game between Chandler and Joey, Monica and Rachel escalates into a full-blown contest as they compare which pair knows more about the personal lives and habits of the other.

S4 Episode:13-16
The One With Rachel's Crush

Rachelschemes to get a handsome client to ask her on date. Chandler's jealousy causes problems with his girlfriend.
The One With Joey's Dirty Day
On Joey'sfirst day of his new acting job in a major movie, superstar actor Charlton Heston ( playing himself ) finds him in a compromising position in his trailer. Rachel ends up regretting asking Ross for a favor, when it sparks off a new romance in his life. Recurring guest star Helen Baxendale.
The One With All The Rugby
Chandler's annoying former girlfriend Janice reappears and he finds himself forced to lie to her, in order to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Monica is intrigued by a mysterious switch which she discovers in Joey and Chandler's old apartment. Ross tries to impress Emily by joining in a game of rugby .
The One With The Fake Party
In attempt to become better acquainted with a sexy client, Rachel inadvertently thwarts Ross's plans for a romantic weekend with his girlfriend Emily ( Helen Baxendale ). Phoebe's pregnancy makes her crave meat, to compensate for this, Joey agrees to become a temporary vegetarian.

S4 Episode: 17-20
The One With The Free Porn

Monica helps Ross to tell his girlfriend that he loves her. Phoebe gets some surprising news about her pregnancy, which has a large impact on Frank Jr's career plans.
The One With Rachel's New Dress
Desperately wanting to have sex with Joshua, Rachel sprawls on the couch of his parents luxurious penthouse in sexy lingerie as a surprise. Unfortunately, Joshua's mother and father come home early. Meanwhile Chandler and Joey battle against each other to convince Phoebe to name one of her triplets after them.
The One With All The Haste
Drastic developments occur in Ross's relationship with Emily. Monica and Rachel try to win back their apartment, much to Chandler and Joey's delight.
The One With All The Wedding Dresses
Distraught over Ross's engagement to Emily, Rachel takes Joshua aside and suggests that they also get married, despite only having been on four dates together. Meanwhile Chandler forces Joey to go to a sleep clinic to stop his loud snoring.

S4 Episode: 21-24
The One With The Invitation

Rachel and Ross reminisce separately about when they used to date one another. Much to the friends disappointment, Rachel decides not to attend the wedding in England.
The One With The Worst Best Man Ever
When Joey's duck swallows Ross's wedding ring, he is distraught at the idea of having to sacrifice the duck to retrieve it.
The One With Ross's Wedding
Ross is bitterly disappointed when Rachel announces that she will not be attending his wedding in England. On arrival in London, Joey and Chandler decide to go sight-seeing but Joey over enthusiastic behaviour irritates Chandler so much, he goes off on his own. Back in New York Rachel realises that her romantic feelings for Ross are stronger than ever and in a desperate attemp to tell him this before he ties the knot, she rushes off to the airport. With the final hour approaching, the guests start to arrive, however will Rachel get to the church on time?

Season 5
Episode: 1-4
The One After Ross Says Rachel

After Ross mistakenly refers to Emily (Helen Baxendale) as Rachel(Jennifer Ariston) at the altar, Emily decides to continue the ceremony but punches him after the nuptials and flees from the church. Meanwhile Monica and chandler try to continue their affair, but are unable to capture a moment alone. Special guest performances ; Elliot Gould, Christina Pickles, Tom Conti, Jennifer Saunders.
The One With All The Kissing

Back in New York, Ross’s attempt to reconcile with Emily goes unappreciated. Still doe-eyed about his relationship with Monica, Chandler keeps forgetting that the must not kiss her in front of the friends. Rachel returns from Greece having used Ross & Emily’s honeymoon package.
The One Hundredth
The friends rush Phoebe to the hospital for the birth of the triplets. Chandler is miffed because the baby named after him turns out to be a girl. Ignorant about Monica’s affair with Chandler, Rachel arranges a date for her with a handsome male nurse.
The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS
Joey challenges Phoebe to perform a selfless act. Meanwhile Monica tries to cover up her affair with Chandler by telling Rachel that she is secretly dating someone from her work. After endlessly harassing Emily’s relatives, Ross finally gets her to call him from London.

S5 Episodes 5-8
The One With All The Kips

Monica and Chandler go to Atlantic City together to spend a weekend alone. Ross tries to tell Rachel (Jennifer Ariston) that he will not be able to be friends with her when Emily (Helen Baxendale) arrives in New York.
The One With The Yeti
Whilst rummaging in the apartment’s storage room, Monica and Rachel run into a hairy neighbour they initially mistake for a yeti. Meanwhile, in an attempt to smooth things out with Emily, Ross agrees to get rid of everything of his that Rachel may have touched, including his apartment.
The One Where Ross Moves In
Since his marriage to Emily seems to be coming to an untimely end, Ross is forced to move in with Chandler and Joey . However , his annoying quirks soon start to drive the other mad. Rachel is convinced that Danny, the new neighbour is trying seduce her with mind games.
The One With All The Thanksgiving
After the usual feast, the gang reminisces through a series of flashbacks about their worst Thanksgiving memories. Phoebe’s worst memory takes her back to a previous life in the year 1862, and elaborate stories are told in an effort to uncover Monica’s worst Thanksgiving memory.

S5 Episodes 9-12
The One With Ross Sandwich
Ross is distressed when a stranger at work eats his special Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich. Meanwhile, Joey is fed up of having to dream up elaborate excuses and lie to cover up Monica and Chandler’s relationship. Phoebe regrets asking Rachel along to a literature class.
The One With The Inappropriate Sister
Monica asks the cute neighbour Danny out on Rachel’s behalf. However, after witnessing the unusually close relationship he seems to have with his sister, Rachel has second thoughts about his eligibility. When Joey loses his current acting job, Ross encourages him to write a show that he can star in. Phoebe joins the Salvation Army. The One With All The Resolutions
As 1999 approaches, the friends make resolutions, some of which are in direct conflict with others. The best resolution however comes from Monica, who starts docementing their everyday lives with photos that everyone can enjoy.
The One With Chandlers Work Laugh

After spending time Chandler’s boss and his wife, Monica discovers that Chandler has work persona that includes a fake laugh for his boss’ bad jokes. Rachel is upset that Monica has not told her about their affair. Everyone is surprised to find out that Emily (Helen Paxendale) is getting re- married.

S5 Episodes 13-16
The One With Joey's Bag

When Rachel gives Joey a makeover to help him get a part he is auditioning for, she includes a shoulder bag that looks like a woman’s purse. Meanwhile, Phoebe is shocked when her father, Frank Sr. shows up at her grandmother’s memorial service and Monica (Couteney Cox) tortures all of the gang with painful massages. The One Where Everybody Finds Out
When Phoebe discover Monica and Chandler’s secret relationship, she decides to flirt with Chandler to see how he reacts. Ugly naked guy’s apartment goes up for rent and Ross goes to great lengths to form a bond with him to beat out the other applicants.
The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey
When Joey stars dating Katie, he is surprised that despite her petite build, her playful punching is quite painful. Ross has problems ingratiating himself with his new neighbours and Chandler begins to freak out the seriousness of his relationship with Monica.
The One With The Cop

Whilst rummaging in the back of the Sofa in Central Perk, Phoebe find a policeman’s badge. Rather than returning it to the precinct, she decides to conduct ‘good deeds’ throughout the city. Meanwhile, Joey is concerned that a romantic dream he has had about Monica may mean that he loves her.

S5 Episodes 17-20
The One With Rachels Inadvertent Kiss
After interview for a job at Ralph Lauren, Rachel inadvertently kisses her potential boss on the cheek as she leaves the interview. Monica becomes concerned that her relationship with Chandler isn’t as hot as Phoebe’s new relationship with Gary.
The One Where Rachel Smokes

When Rachel starts her job t Ralph Lauren, she decides to take up smoking so that she can be part of the important work-related decisions that appear to be made in the smoking room. Joey and Ross’s son Ben audition together as father and son in a soup commercial.
The One Where Ross Can't Flirt
All the gang, including Joey’s Italian speaking grandma, go to watch Joey’s debut in "Law & Order". After meeting Caitlin the Pizza delivery girl, Ross decides to order more Pizza so that he can flirt with her and turn on his supposed charm.
The One With The Ride
Along As Emily’s wedding rapidly approaches, the gang does the best to occupy Ross’s time. Meanwhile, Chandler, Joey and Ross go out on the beat with Phoebe’s cop boyfriend and Chandler’s feelings are hurt when Joey hurls himself in front of Ross and not him, after they hear gunshots.

S5 Episodes 21-23
The One With The Ball

Worried about the speed at which her relationship with her boyfriend Gary is developing. Phoebe asks Chandler to talk him out of asking her to move in with him. In an attempt to fulfill a childhood dream, Rachel buy a sphinx cat, but when it turns out to be mean and vicious, her dream is shattered.
The One With Joey's Big Break Joey
Joey is very excited about getting a lead part in a film just outside of Las Vegas. Having accompanied Joey to Vegas, Chandler is kicked out after confessing to Joey that he does not think the movie is going to be his big break. Meanwhile, Phoebe is extremely mad at Ross , but can’t remember why.
The One In Vegas Part One
After his film gig in Vegas falls through, Joey is embarrassed about working as a casino gladiator and begs Chandler not to visit him. However, in celebration of their one year anniversary, Monica buys tickets to Las Vegas for herself and Chandler. Afraid of missing out like she did with London, Phoebe is determined to go too, later to be joined by Ross and Rachel.
The One In Vegas Part Two
With the gang in Vegas, Joey tries to convince a blackjack dealer with hands identical to his own to join him in a business venture. Meanwhile, Rachel is mortified when the moustache and beard that Ross has draw on her face won’t wash off and whilst playing craps with Monica, Chandler makes a serious bet regarding marriage.

Season 6
Episodes 1-4
The One After Vegas

A hung-over Ross & Rachel join the gang for breakfast in the hotel and are shocked to discover that they are husband and wife. Meanwhile Joey convinces Phoebe to drive back to New York with him in her cab.
The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel
When Monica and Chandler tell Rachel that they are moving in together, she mistakenly believes that this means that all three of them will now be flat mates. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers that Ross has not annulled his marriage to Rachel.
The One With Ross’s Denial
Monica and Chandler argue about what they will do with Rachel’s room after she has moved out. Meanwhile, Ross offers the homeless Rachel his spare room and Joey decides that his new roommate should be a beautiful woman. The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance
Just as Joey discovers that his health insurance has lapsed due to lack of work, he gets a hernia whilst lifting weights. Meanwhile, Phoebe plans to make the most of her last days on Earth when her clairvoyant tells her she’s going to die.

S6 Episodes 5-8
The One With Joey’s Porsche
After discovering that she is still married to Ross , Rachel tried to convince the judge to annul the marriage on the basis of Ross’s mental instability. Meanwhile Joey finds a set of keys to a Porsche parked outside Central Perk and tries to impress passing girls, pretending that the car is his.
The One On The Last Night
Whilst boxing up Rachel’s belongings, the girls reminisce about their time spent as roommates. Meanwhile, Chandler and Joey spent their final night together playing "cups".
The One Where Phoebe Runs
Rachel regrets asking Phoebe to jog with her when she attracts unwanted attention with her gangly and uncoordinated movements. Meanwhile the guys get very excited about Joey’s sexy new roommate (guest star supermodel Elle Macpherson).
The One With Ross’s Teeth
Rachel spreads a rumour at work that her boss, fashion designer Ralph Lauren made a romantic pass at Phoebe in the photo copy room. Meanwhile, Ross is so excited about his date with Monica’s colleague, he decides to improve upon his appearance by bleaching his teeth.

S6 Episodes 9-12
The One Where Ross Got High
When Monica invites the gang and her parents over for Thanksgiving dinner, Chandler freaks out when he discovers they don’t know that he’s living with their daugther. Meanwhile, Rachel tests her culinary skills by concocting a repulsive dessert.
The One With The Routine
Janine (guest star Elle Macpherson) gets a job dancing on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve special and invites Joey , Monica and Ross to the advance taping. Joey has special plans for the midnight hour.
The One With The Apothecary Table
After finally making a successful move on Janine (guest star Elle Macpherson) , Joey becomes angered with her snobby attitude towards the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to convince Phoebe that her cute new apothecary table is a priceless antique.
The One With The Joke

Ross and Chandler argue about two originated a joke that Ross successfully submitted to Playboy Magazine. Monica forces Phoebe to choose between herself and Rachel to determined which of them would make the better girlfriend

S6 Episodes 13-16
The One With Rachel’s Sister
When her sister Jill comes to stay Rachel (JenniferAniston) is worried by the romantic sparks that seem to be flying between her and Ross . Joey the new coffee house waiter tries to score dates with cute customers by offering them free food and Monica lures Chandler into bed with her, despite being sick with flu. The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry A jealous Rachel forces Ross to cancel his dinner date with her sister Jill. Meanwhile, Phoebe discover that she is being mistaken for a porn star and Monica and Joey are flabbergasted when they discover that Chandler hasn’t been able to cry about anything since he was a child. The One That Could Have Been (Special Double - Length Episode) The gang ponders about what might have been if... Ross had stayed with lesbian wife Carol, and a married Rachel had fallen for Joey who had never lost his job as Dr. Drake Ramoray from Days of Our Lives, a portly Monica was obsessed with losing her virginity, Chandler a struggling writer had to stoop as low as to become Joey’s assistant and Phoebe had become a corporate stockbroker!

S6 Episodes 17-20
The One With Unagi

Having agreed to give each other home-made anniversary gifts, a desperate Chandler presents Monica with a gift was given to him by a former girlfriend. Meanwhile, Joey hires a look-a-like fellow actor to pose as his identical twin so that he can participate in a medical experiment and get $2000.
The One Where Ross Dates A Student
Ross flirts with danger when he toys with dating one of his attractive students (guest star Alexander Holden). After a fire partially burns their apartment, Rachel seeks Joey's help to prove to Phobe that it was not started by her curling iron.
The One With Joey's Fridge
When Rachel needs a date for a fashionable charity event, Monica and Phoebe compete to see who can find the most eligible escort for her. Meanwhile, Ross obsesses over his new girlfriend's plan to spend spring break with her hedonistic buddies on a Florida beach and Joey tries to con the friends into buying him a new fridge.
The One With Mac And C.H.E.E.S.E.

Joey is very excited when one of the final candidates to star in a television series as a detective who solves crimes with his robot partner, but his chances aren't improved when Chandler forgets to scribble down a message that the audition time has changed. His ordeal sparks off many memorable and bizarre flashbacks.

S6 Episodes 21-24
The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad
- Special Guest Star Bruce Willis
Ross dreads meeting the disapproving father (Bruce Willis) of his college girlfriend so he asks the Friends along to walk him up. Elsewhere, Joey's enthusiasm about having landed his starring role in a new TV series proves disastrous.
The One Where Paul's The Man
Despite Paul's (Bruce Willis) threats of having Ross fired for dating his student daughter, Ross and Elizabeth secretly head off to her family's mountain cabin. Unbeknown to them, Paul and Rachel have had exactly the same romantic plan! Chandler freaks out when he accidentally discovers that Monica has reserved a museum for their wedding!
The One With The Ring
After finally deciding that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Monica, Chandler asks Phoebe's to help him choose a ring. Meanwhile, Rachel regrets having delved deeply into Paul's past, prompting him to gush with tortured memories.
The One With The Proposal - Special Double Length Finale
The big evening has arrived and Chandler arranges to take Monica to her favorite restaurant. Just before he pops up the question, Richard (special guest star Tom Selleck) shows up and spoils Chandler's plans. The following day, Richard tells Monica that he still loves her. In a race against time, a desperate Chandler searches New York for Monica. Will he find her in time, or has he lost her forever?

Season 7
Episodes 1-4
The One With Monica's Thunder

Monica excitedly reveals the good news about her and Chandler's wedding engagement only to be upstaged by Ross and Rachel kissing in the hallway. When everybody gets excited about Ross and Rachel's reuniting, Monica accuses Rachel of stealing the attention from her. The One With Rachel's Book Monica is devastated when she discovers that her parents used her wedding fund to buy a beach house. Meanwhile Joey discovers a book about erotic stories in Rachel's bedroom and Phoebe gives Ross a vindictive message after he causes her to lose a call. The One With Rachel's Assistant When Rachel is promoted, she gleefully considers hiring a young inexperienced hunk(guest star Eddie Cahill) as her executive assistant. In a game of tell-all, free-for-all, Chandler and Monica expects humiliating secrets from each other's past that they sworn to keep to themselves. The One With Phoebe's Cookies Chandler's attempt to bond with his future father-in-law(guest star Elliot Gould) backfires, when he mistakenly gets too "up-close-and-personal" in the sauna. Elsewhere Rachel tries to teach Joey how to sail and in a desperate attempt to replicate being the best mother in the world. Monica tries to replicate Phoebe's grandmother's secret cookies recipe by reconstructing her last remaining cookie

S7 Episodes 5-8
The One With The Engagement Picture

Rachel (Jennifer Ariston) plans to get closer to her hunky new assistant tag by encouraging him to hang put with Joey - however her plan backfires when she starts to pick up Joey’s flirty mannerisms. Meanwhile, Monica cannot seem to find a good picture of herself and Chandler , who is photogenically challenged. The One With Nap Partners Monica starts to fret when she meets one of Chandler’s long lost girlfriends and learns that he dumped her because she was fat. Elsewhere, Phoebe and Rachel vie for the homour of becoming Monica’s bridesmaid, making the fatal mistake of asking Ross (David Schiwimmer) and Joey to be the judges after which the guys fall asleep whilst watching TV and wake up in unintended positions! The One With Ross’s Library Book When Joey decides not to continue dating a really nice, bright and likeable girl, Rachel and Phoebe actively campaign to get him to change his mind. Meanwhile, a horrified Monica stumbles upon Chandler’s annoying former girlfriend Janice who somehow manages to invite herself to their wedding. Ross is overjoyed when he discovers that his dissertation is available in the university library. The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Loke Dogs A bearing Rachel is happily surprised when her hunky young assistant Tag shows up for the gang’s Thanksgiving dinner. Phoebe sneaks a puppy into the apartment, forcing and allergic Chandler to confess why he hates dogs and Ross becomes irritated when he cannot name all 50 states.

S7 Episodes 9-12
The One With All The Candy
Monica is in a festive mood so she whips up some special candy for their neighbours - but the stuff is so good to the mob nearly breaks down her door demanding more! Rachel and her new boyfriend Tag set the ground rules for their new romance whist Ross, moved by Phoebe’s bike-less childhood story, buys her a new two-wheeler. The One With The Holiday Armadillo Ross wants to introduce his young son Ben to Chanukah – but the festival of lights cannot compete with Christmas delights. Meanwhile Phoebe can’t wait to move back into her newly refurbished apartment with Rachel – but she must first drive a wedge between Rache; and her roomie, Joey. The One With All The Cheesecakes Phoebe’s delighted when her old flame David (guest star Hank Azaria) comes back from Russia for a romantic one night date – but her romantic evening is put in jeopardy by a feud with Joey over what constitutes a proper excuse to cancel their weekly dinner plans. Elsewhere, Rachel and Chandler disgrace themselves when they repeatedly swipe delivers of a particularly tasty cheesecakes from their neighbours doorstep. The One Where Up All Night Rachel and tags first night together is put on hold when they realize they did not overnight an important package before they left work. Meanwhile Ross and Joey are stuck on the roof. Phoebe can’t rid herself of a relentlessly beeping smoke alarm and Chandler and Monica annoy each other just enough to remain wide-awake.

S7 Episodes 13-16
The One Where Rosita Dies
Phoebe has a strange first day in her new job when she encounters a distraught office worker (guest star Jason Alexander - Seinfield) who is determined to end it all. Meanwhile Monica and Ross are upset when their parents decide to sell their childhood home and Rachel (Jennifer Ariston) and Chandler both believe they have broken Joey’s favorite chair. The One Where They All Turn Thirty Rachel’s agony over her thirtieth birthday starts everyone reminiscing about when they turned thirty. Whilst Rachel ponders how to achieve her remaining life goals, Monica remembers trying to disguise her drunkenness from her parents. Ross recalls a fling with a red sports car and Phoebe recollects receiving sobering new from her sister Ursula. The One With Joey’s New Brain Joey accidentally informs a fellow “Days Of Our Lives” cast mate (guest star Susan Sarandon) that she is being written out of the script. Elsewhere, Rachel and Phoebe try to sabotage each other’s chances to meet a cute guy while Chandler and Monica desperately urge Ross not to play his screeching Scottish bagpipes at their wedding. The One With The Truth About London Monica and Chandler grudgingly agree to let Joey perform their wedding ceremony – once he’s been “ordained” via the Internet! As the couple recall how their relationship changed during their London trip years ago, Monica shares a starting revelation…Elsewhere, Rachel becomes Ben’s favorite babysitter when she teaches him practical jokes to play on his dad Ross.

S7 Episodes 17-20
The One With Cheap Wedding Dress
Monica regrets telling a fellow bride-to-be (guest star Andre Bendewald, “Suddenly Susan”) about a cheaper bridal store when she has to fight her tooth-and-nail for a unique wedding dress – and later the right to hire Chandler’s favorite band for the event! Down the hall, Ross (David Schiwmmer) competes with Joey for the affections of the same girl (guest star Gabrielle Union, “City Of Angels”). The One With Joey’s Award Joey is overjoyed to be nominated for an award in daytime dramas. But when the results don’t go his way, he’s not above stealing one for himself. Meanwhile, Monica realizes she will never experience the thrill of a new relationship again. Elsewhere, Ross is more than curious when he spies Chandler sneaking out of a male strip club while Phoebe finds a cute guy (guest star Troy Norton). The One With Ross and Monica’s Cousin When Monica and Ross’s alluring cousin (Denise Richards, The World Is Not Enough) arrives for a visit, her irresistible beauty causes serious distractions for all the men who meet her – including an uneasy Ross. Elsewhere, Rachel and Phoebe try to rush their plans for Monica’s shower and Joey foolishly tries to trick a casting director to secure an acting role. The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss Rachel bumps into her old sorority sister (Oscar nominee and guest star Winona Ryder) and wonders whether she should confront her about a night at college when their friendship took a dramatic and passionate turn. In addition, Chandler and Ross try to out-shit each other by renting tuxedos once used by celebrities for the upcoming wedding.

S7 Episodes 21-24
The One With The Vows

Monica is upset to find that Chandler has not yet written his vows - but then admits she hasn't written hers either. After seeking help from Rachel , Phoebe , Joey and Ross , they find the task a lot more difficult than they had imagined. Looking over Chandler and Monica's relationship, the friends worry if things might be about to change for all of them The One With Chandler's Dad Monica arranges a face-to-face meeting between Chandler and his estranged dad in hope that father and son patch up their differences before the ceremony. Elsewhere, Rachel, with a reluctant Ross, borrows the keys to Monica's Porche, whilst Joey wants to prove to Phoebe that he is so secure in his masculinity that he can wriggle into women's panties and learn to love it. The One With Monica And Chandler's Wedding Part 1 & 2 In the one-hour season finale, Monica and Chandler gather their offbeat families on the eve of their wedding. But there's just one problem - Chandler is missing. While Ross searches for him, Rachel and Phoebe desperately try to distract the unsuspecting bride.

The One With The Whole London Wedding is the ultimate collectors edition of the historical and hysterical FRIENDS episodes filmed in London. This feature length version includes the director’s cut of the entire story of Ross and Emily’s (Helen Baxendale) wedding with never-before-seen footage. Also included is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the London episodes plus the original “I’ll Be There For You” (theme from FRIENDS) music video.


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